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Fit And Fake Titted Cougar


“I was a carpool mom,” said Ainsley Adams, a 49-year-old first-timer. “I raised my kids and I worked. But I always had a little bit of an edge. A little bit of a sexy edge. I’ve done what people have asked me to do my whole life. I feel sexy. This makes me feel sexy. This makes me feel good.”

You’re going to feel good when you lay your eyes on Ainsley. She’s a beautiful brunette with great tits, a slim waist and long, shapely legs. Basically, she’s the ultimate MILF with a perfect body. Today, she’s going to show you that body, spread her legs and make herself cum by fingering her pussy. And Thursday, she’s going to fuck a young stud for all the world to see.

Ainsley’s favorite part of her body is her breasts. She told us she wears B-cup bras, “but if I really want some cleavage to show, I can go down to an A. I can wear a 34C, but I would rather go with a B-cup.”

That surprised us. We’re boob experts here at The SCORE Group, and when we eyed Ainsley’s tits, we thought they might even be D-cups, at least Cs. Guess not.

“I wear a small swimsuit,” she said.

Ainsley was married for many years and recently separated. Liberated, she found out about us through social media, and here she is. We’re thrilled to have her.

By the way, what’s your favorite part of Ainsley’s body? Her face? Her tits? Her legs, her waist, her pussy, her ass? Let us know. Let Ainsley know.