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Fake Titted Old Redhead Fucked Hard By Hotel Employee


Demmi Valentine is planning a party and finds that the hired bartender serving her a cocktail wants to have a party in her panties. He signals his intentions by squeezing Demmi’s buttcheeks and dry-humping her from behind right there in the kitchen. For a woman like Demmi, hard help is good to find.

Rocky violates company policy by goosing this client. Her big boobs and shapely figure are irresistible. That suits Demmi just fine. She’s up for some action right now so it won’t take long for Rocky to get up and in Demmi. He pulls down her dress and brassiere and gets to sucking and licking her nipples.

All of the lip-locking on Demmi’s big tits pushes her over the cliff. She kneels down, takes his cock out and opens her mouth to swallow it. They both strip off. Demmi leaves her heels and panties on. Rocky gets on the floor and Demmi kneels over him to continue sucking his swizzle stick, making loud slurping sounds.

After tossing off her panties, Demmi stands over him and lowers herself, sticking his dick up her hot, tight pussy. They build up a pumping rhythm, Rocky seizing Demmi’s ass cheeks and forcefully controlling her as she slides up and down his pole.

Next, we see a different side of Demmi when she flips her position and fucks him in a reverse cowgirl, leaning back, her boobs splayed. The room fills with her cries of “Oh, god” and moans as his thick tool parts her lips and stuffs her wet pussy, filling it totally. But Demmi’s quickie fling is far from over. Rocky wants to fuck Demmi some more and try more positions. By the time they cum, Demmi will have been completely serviced, her big jugs slathered in hot man-juice. This company aims to please.