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Fat Holly Wood Big Fake Tittys


“Hot Ass Holly Wood” The cheeky blonde sex-bomb who appeared as the cover model of the BootyLicious DVD Big Assed White Chicks 6 is back at SCORELAND and busting her bras big-time. That famous ass is the same. What’s up top has changed.

“They’re pretty much double the size they were before,” Holly Wood said. “I wanted to go bigger. Bigger is better. I wanted them nice, big, round, perky, slutty big tits. I got my wish!

“Before, I could walk places and go to the store and people would approach me because it’s not always easy to hide my ass, but now people’s eyes bug out of their face when they see me walk into stores. People used to do the double-take when they were behind me, so I wouldn’t see it, but anybody around me would see it.

“Now, people are openly gawking because I can’t hide them. There’s literally no hiding them. There’s no amount of sweaters, there’s no amount of jackets that can hide them, so people are shocked. To me, they’re not that big, but the reaction, just walking down the street or going to the grocery store or even at the doctor’s office, the nurse freaked out.”

Observe how Holly stretches her tops to the max.