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Old School Teacher Rough Fucked By Teen Guy


Ainsley Adams, high school teacher, is sitting at her desk when she hears a knock on the door. It’s one of her students, and when he sits down, she gives him a talking to…says the teachers have been talking about him.

“I guess I’m pretty popular,” he says.

Not quite.

“Your grades are slipping,” Ms. Adams says. “Your behavior is pretty bad.”

He tries to bullshit his way out of trouble, but meanwhile, Ainsley is touching something under her desk.

“I guess I’m distracted,” he says.

He’s not focusing on his work. He’s focusing on her. You’d be distracted, too, if you had a teacher who looks like Ms. Adams. She’s a sexy, long-legged 49-year-old who’s wearing a short skirt and a top that shows plenty of cleavage. This is not what the average teacher wears, but Ainsley is not your average teacher.

“Do you like that?” she says, standing up. “I can help you bring your grade up.”

“How?” he asks.

By bringing his cock up, that’s how. By sucking and tit-fucking his cock right there in her office then fucking that student cock. Is this allowed? Isn’t this the kind of thing teachers get fired for? Yeah, it is. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.